About Paul Shala

Paul has been a dedicated entrepreneur since 1980; first 10 years in traditional business, In 1990 started in Network Marketing & Wellness Industry. Paul has assisted Thousands of People to achieve Passive/Residual Income, as a result he earned a Founding Member position in two of the fastest-growing Network Marketing companies and became a million dollar producer.
In 2001 Paul launched his own Private Label Nutritional and Skincare Network Marketing Company thus adding additional leadership experience. Paul has been been featured in “Your Business at Home” magazine, the “Ocala Star Banner Business Journal”, and other articles. As Founder an X-CEO of a Network Marketing Company & a Industry Veteran, Paul has aligned him self with several other industry experts professionals that have developed correct strategies for MLM companies. Connect Paul directly. Paul has been living in Florida since 1996.

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Paul Shala




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